Our Vision

To create value for its members and to foster the development of commercial, industrial, education, and cultural relationships between Indonesian and Chinese entrepreneurs, economic organizations, and individuals.

Our Mission

  • To find opportunities, unlock the potentials and create synergy between Indonesia and China in all sectors to realize mutual benefits, especially for the members.
  • To be the networking platform to find business partners in both countries.
  • To co-operate and actively engage diplomatic authorities, public, private sectors in 4 main areas:


    • To lobby the authorities in order to remove and reduce regulatory and trade barriers between China and Indonesia in order to enhance commerce relationship.
    • To accelerate the synchronization of standards between both countries without re-validation in various areas. For example, a standard product which has previously been approved by BPOM in the home country should be well accepted in China mining sector where the SGS report from Indonesia should be well accepted in China without another check from CIQ.
    • To be the platform to connect and cross-promote products and exchange information (i.e. conducting regular promotional events, exhibitions or conferences).
    • To facilitate and support Indonesia products to enter China market (i.e. providing consultation on market entry and distribution strategy).


    • To attract cross – investment by creating awareness of each countries competitive advantages and fostering strategic production base relocations (with the focus on Chinese investments to Indonesia):
      • Reduce import reliance for basic products (i.e. chemical; pharmaceutical ingredients) by encouraging the China producers to relocate its production base to Indonesia for ASEAN markets.
      • Facilitate Indonesia producers to export more value-added products instead of raw materials by partnering with the competitive technology and machineries partners from China.
      • Encourage Indonesia National Brands to expand and invest in China by leveraging Indonesia national’s strengths (i.e. abundant resources of coffees, rubbers, CPO, rubber, chocholate, marine products).
    • To stimulate technology transfer and knowledge exchange and/or design collaboration in various technical, product and commercial areas i.e. joint research and development for new product. One example is the Indonesian herbal medicine (“jamu”) which can be developed into a more advanced traditional medicine by leveraging on China’s expertise on TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Other examples are the knowledge exchange on creative industries such as jewelry design, fashion design, animation/film production, etc.
    • To closely work with Indonesia Investment body (BKPM) and embassy / consular to provide one stop service for investors.


    • To work closely with local governments and stakeholders in Indonesia to promote its regions as tourist destinations.
    • To facilitate partnerships between Indonesia and China tourist agencies.
    • To create awareness and promotion for Indonesia’s unique natural beauties (including its distinct flora and fauna; rain forests; corals – bio-marine richness, etc) via social media or on-line platform


    • To establish and promote Indonesia Center as a platform to learn Indonesia languages and cultures.
    • To strengthen the friendship between Indonesia and China through its culinaries, musics and dances by participating in cultural activities (i.e. FILM festival; FOOD BAZAARS, etc.)